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To provide the best service and communication for the events we have organized. By creating an account it provides a smooth process of providing payment and having your contact information. This also allows you to come back and see the events you’ve signed up for without trying to find a pesky email!

Tickets can be refunded up to a particular date that is specified for each event. After this cut-off date, it is your responsibility to find someone to take your place and make private arrangements for them to pay you. You must notify Jennifer with the name of the person taking your place. Again we provide all deadline details by listing them on each event.  Admin fees are non-refundable.

Probably! We love feedback and suggestions, you can submit your ideas via the contact form on the site. In most cases as long as we can meet minimum group sizes that some venues have set.

Well first if you are not a member make sure you purchase a membership first! We have two options: Standard (Free) & Premium ($60/yr).
Every field trip varies, with most trips in the $8-$12 range. However, we have events that cost as little as $1 or on the more expensive side $30, we try to keep every budget in mind.

Admin fees cover the costs incurred to run this service which include web hosting and development, legal service fees, office supplies, accounting fees etc. The admin fee helps keep us running and is only charged to our Standard members. To avoid the admin fee you will need to purchase a Premium Membership.

We have found that free trips fill up quickly (yay!) but that people often drop out last minute and we are left with a smaller group attending than we RSVP’d for. This reflects poorly on us as a group and sometimes on homeschoolers in general. The $1 cost is there to hopefully help people commit to these trips just like our other field trips. The $1 is refundable if you cancel within the given window specified for the event (just like all our trips). Remember though, admin fees are non-refundable regardless of the situation.

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