The first thing you will need to do is create an account so you can see all that we have available (you can see synopsis of each event on the homepage without creating an account).

When you create an account, you will be prompted to choose between our free Standard Membership or our Premium Membership which costs $60/year.  You can see the features of each membership here.

Once you have an account, you will be able to see each event in detail and any costs associated with it. A few events have a nominal fee of $1, most are ticketed and will require payment.  Please note that should an event have a limited number of tickets; seats are allocated in the order of payment received.  Once an event is full, please contact Jennifer with your interest in the event and the number of tickets you need in order to be added to the waitlist should a place become free.

You will have your own calendar of events you have RSVP’d to so that you can see your schedule in one location.

When you create an account, you can opt to receive our monthly email which will highlight recent events added to the calendar as well as upcoming events that have RSVP dates approaching.  Please join us on our Facebook page or Facebook group if you would like an additional way to be kept apprised of upcoming opportunities.

Field Trips

The leadership team of Nashville Homeschool Calendar (NHC) research, books, and organizes field trips for our group – the majority of the time, organizing discounted tickets for our members.

Most venues want a single payment (rather than individual families paying them) and a minimum group size.  This is where this website comes in handy.

Through the website, we collect your money and the number of tickets you want.  We act as the middleman between you and the venue, making all bookings, payments etc.  You get to just pick the trips that look good to you, pay through our website, and show up.  Field trips are led by someone on our leadership team who will send out a reminder e-mail regarding the trip, have a list of names who signed up to participate, & be the point person to check in with on the day of the trip.

Special Events

Special Events are events that Nashville Homeschool Calendar has organized, collected the necessary fees, and promotes.  The big difference between a special event and a field trip is that there is not a point person you will meet at a specific location on the day of the event.  A reminder e-mail will be sent out with additional information for those who secure tickets to these events.  Typically, special events take place at locations who have Will Call and individuals will pick up their tickets to the event directly from Will Call.

Sponsored Post

Nashville Homeschool Calendar works with numerous venues/locations to promote their upcoming family friendly events or services that may benefit families within this group by offering sponsored posts.  These events result in a negotiated trade of some sort and/or are paid advertisements.