Why do I have to create an account to participate in field trips?

This is so that we have all your contact details and you can make payment arrangements easily.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind or can’t attend a field trip?

Tickets can be refunded up to a particular date. After this cut off date, it is your responsibility to find someone to take your place and make private arrangements for them to pay you. You must notify Jennifer with the name of the person taking your place. All deadline details are listed on each individual event.  Admin fees are non-refundable.

I have an idea for a field trip. Can you plan a field trip to _________?

Probably! Use the contact details to send us your suggestion and we’ll look at it. In most cases, as long as we can meet the minimum group size (usually set by the venue), we’ll try anything once.

How much is it to join your field trips?

Every field trip varies.  Most trips are in the $8-12 range, but we have some as low as $1 and some that cost over $30.

Why is there an admin fee for the field trips?

Those that choose Standard Membership instead of Premium Membership have admin fees on each trip.  Admin fees cover the costs we incur to run this service.  Web hosting and developing, legal service fees, office supplies, accounting fees, etc.  The admin fee is there to keep us running!

Why do field trips that used to be free (such as Nissan Plant or Kroger tours) now cost $1?

We have found that free trips fill up quickly (yay!) but that people often drop out last minute and we are left with a smaller group attending than we RSVP’d for.  This reflects poorly on us as a group and sometimes on homeschoolers in general. The $1 cost is there to hopefully help people commit to these trips just like our other field trips.  The $1 is refundable if you cancel within the given window specified (just like all our trips).  Remember, admin fees are non-refundable regardless of the situation.